Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For Those Inquisitive Minds

For all of you who ask me to clarify what "DA" stands for I am going to put it out here but if it offends you, just remember you ask.....It simply is a description of myself when I can't remember how to do things.....DA=Dumb Ass

 Now we have that cleared up......
Today has been a normal (yeah, normal is never in my life) day in my house.  Hubby wakes up, I wake up, Maverick wakes up and has to pee, physically the dog was doing a pee pee dance because apparently I was not moving fast enough to suit him. So I scoop him up just in case he can't hold it long enough for me to open the door.............and I must have scared him or squeezed a little too tight..........because he pee's all over me.  He felt bad and tried to do more outside but couldn't so decided to run around the back of the house and ignore me.  Now Maverick only weighs 5 pounds or so and I am terrified an owl or hawk is going to snag him up and they don't care if he pees on them or not, so I charge through the house and screech to a halt when I hear.......Steve snort....yes he snorted.........because he was trying to hold the laughter in.  What the heck is so funny, but remember I don't like to talk when I first get up so I just went on out the back door and scared Maverick to death because he was laying in the sun with his back to me and not expecting the door to bang open............yep he pee's again............geez at least it wasn't on me but it was on the deck where we walk.  So here I go, get a bucket of clorox water, the deck brush and carefully carry it through the house and out to the deck. I'm cleaning it up and I hear the door open and what does the man say to me but..........."What's your plan for the day"            Arggggggggghhhhh.............My question at that time was should I maim him and then kill him or should I kill him first and then maim him????  
Honestly, he is the best guy in the world and knows just how to push my buttons.  I just casually stood up, dumped the bucket of water on his feet and told him that I had plans to give him a foot bath today and now that I was done, he could take me out to breakfast.  And he did....................
Just another day in the life of JaaBee, Steve and Maverick who is now known as the "Pee Pee Pooch"...  I brought him home some biscuit and gravy thought.  Hope you all have had a good day.........   Ciao  

PS:  I did bring home a bit of biscuit and gravy for the PPPooch......snort

Monday, May 16, 2011

Being Struck By The DA on Monday Is Not Funny or is it?

I have spent over 2 hours trying to remember how to do something that is as simple as walking on my feet, but for the love of Pete, it is not in my brain to remember.  I have def. been struck by "The DA" today.  Being as it is Monday, makes it only worse in my opinion.  Irregardless of my age #, that is a factor that I refuse to consider as being the reason, I think my brain is in overload.  I need to get into Yoga or something to make myself be able to ignore people and/or things that stress me, tic me off, rub on my nerves like a piece of sandpaper or in general just piss me off. 
When I get out of bed, I am generally in a very good mood, just don't talk to me for like 30 minutes.  I just want to breathe and reflect on sleeping a bit longer. Don't ask me what "my plan is for the day" (my hubs does it every morning even knowing that it irritated me 28 years ago when he married me and still does to this day).  Grrrrrrrrr!!!  But I love him and try not to get to bent over it.  But it is all the outward stress that gets on my last nerve and makes me feel like a monkey without a tree.
So I have a plan and will let you know how it works out. And until then, will someone/anyone remind me how to post a link to my blog to someone's blog hop, yep that is the culprit that has stressed me out of my gourd! Believe me, I ain't stupid, I just forgot okay.  And send the tow truck to pull me up off the floor because I am ROTFL@myself and can't get up~~~  Ciao  Jeanne

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jeanne Oliver Designs

I just ran across the most wonderful blog yet. This "Jeanne" (yes her name is the same as mine) has a wonderful line of delightful creations. Take a peek, bettcha can't leave easily!! LOL I couldn't. While there take note she is offering a fabulous gift certificate to her store!!! Jeanne Oliver Designs (her new line Town and Country Collection)  and her blog  Jeanne Oliver Musings Of A Creative Life

Playing For Change

This is one of my personal causes.  I met the guys when we were in New Orleans the year before Katrina.  I have been passionate about what they do since.  It may not be your personal music choice but the words say what they are all about anyway!!!  Read the bios and enjoy   Playing For Change


I am not receiving any compensation for displaying Playing For Change's Trailer, it is done from the heart as my own personal cause!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thor and more

Have you taken your kids to see Thor yet?  I know our Grandson is wild to go, hopefully tomorrow after our Mother's Day Lunch....if not maybe Dad will get him there to see it.  One of my advertisers has an offering I want to share with you....  Take a look, I have purchased from this company and they are great!!

Spend $50 on Thor Merchandise, Get His Hammer... F

Monday, May 2, 2011

Magnificent Monday

I have had little sleep all because of the wonderful news that came last night about Ubama Bin Laden being dead. Now none of us rejoice in death, that is just wrong, but I will rejoice in the light of being free of the TERRORIST Leader of Al Quaeda. I will not ask God to forgive him as he was the devil himself.  Let him take charge of hell and see how far he gets with that.  America is a great country, we take care of our own, it may take awhile but we always get the job done.  Thank You to each and every one of our military peeps, active and non-active, without you folks we would not have our freedom.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Now to try and get some sleep!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

It was so good to wake up this morning to have the sun shining through my glass baubles and reflecting the beauty of color on my bedroom walls.  I skipped the formality of church this morning but have prayed and worshiped my God.  What a glorious life he has given me!
As you can see the new blog is up and running somewhat, still have some moving to do, notes to write, hook-up with a new twitter and facebook pages and make sure all my followers and those I follow know where I move to, who I am and how to find me.  Who is JaaBee, that is me Jeanne!  I was nicknamed JaaBee in highschool and it provides a great moniker for me.  It is actually JB but many others wanted that name too, so I improvised to this. 
This blog will be devoted to product reviews, advertising and hopefully lots of giveaways and interesting discussions. I am excited about this endeavor and am anxious to get the game on!
I love to blog about anything and everything and with all the bad media we are exposed to, I will do my best to keep this blog free of the news, fun with my blogs and hopefully your comments.  You will see buttons to link to "Blog Hops",  companies I believe in and their products, informative reviews that are honest and factual. 
Come along for the ride and keep your eyes sharp for surprises along the way

You are at Country Living with JaaBee   I hope you find my blog fun, entertaining, informative and interesting.A place you will want to visit everyday. It will be slow at first but hopefully very soon it will be chock full of things.  If you have an interest in something that you would like me to research and talk about, let me know.