Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For Those Inquisitive Minds

For all of you who ask me to clarify what "DA" stands for I am going to put it out here but if it offends you, just remember you ask.....It simply is a description of myself when I can't remember how to do things.....DA=Dumb Ass

 Now we have that cleared up......
Today has been a normal (yeah, normal is never in my life) day in my house.  Hubby wakes up, I wake up, Maverick wakes up and has to pee, physically the dog was doing a pee pee dance because apparently I was not moving fast enough to suit him. So I scoop him up just in case he can't hold it long enough for me to open the door.............and I must have scared him or squeezed a little too tight..........because he pee's all over me.  He felt bad and tried to do more outside but couldn't so decided to run around the back of the house and ignore me.  Now Maverick only weighs 5 pounds or so and I am terrified an owl or hawk is going to snag him up and they don't care if he pees on them or not, so I charge through the house and screech to a halt when I hear.......Steve snort....yes he snorted.........because he was trying to hold the laughter in.  What the heck is so funny, but remember I don't like to talk when I first get up so I just went on out the back door and scared Maverick to death because he was laying in the sun with his back to me and not expecting the door to bang open............yep he pee's again............geez at least it wasn't on me but it was on the deck where we walk.  So here I go, get a bucket of clorox water, the deck brush and carefully carry it through the house and out to the deck. I'm cleaning it up and I hear the door open and what does the man say to me but..........."What's your plan for the day"            Arggggggggghhhhh.............My question at that time was should I maim him and then kill him or should I kill him first and then maim him????  
Honestly, he is the best guy in the world and knows just how to push my buttons.  I just casually stood up, dumped the bucket of water on his feet and told him that I had plans to give him a foot bath today and now that I was done, he could take me out to breakfast.  And he did....................
Just another day in the life of JaaBee, Steve and Maverick who is now known as the "Pee Pee Pooch"...  I brought him home some biscuit and gravy thought.  Hope you all have had a good day.........   Ciao  

PS:  I did bring home a bit of biscuit and gravy for the PPPooch......snort

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