Saturday, June 4, 2011

Feeling Patriotic

I always get to feeling my love for my fellow man and country this time of year. Musing over these thoughts it came to mind that I have all kinds of things to decorate the pool deck with to celebrate "The Red White and Blue".  Now if I can just get it all together and out after the sun starts to set as it is really warm here today, like 91 degrees and warmer then that on the swim deck. But I am not complaining, I love our pool and can't wait to get it open, hopefully before tomorrow.  Who cares if the water if going to freeze the "ba-jingas" out of us, it will only be that way for the first little bit. 
My favorite grandson will be here tomorrow evening!! (Grandma is doing the "Granny Dance"). There is just no better time then when the grandkids are here.  And this guy is so much fun to be with.  Getting excited just writing about it!!
So without further ado, I will be transforming our blah deck into something patriotic and fun too.  I will post a picture when done. 

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