Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

It was so good to wake up this morning to have the sun shining through my glass baubles and reflecting the beauty of color on my bedroom walls.  I skipped the formality of church this morning but have prayed and worshiped my God.  What a glorious life he has given me!
As you can see the new blog is up and running somewhat, still have some moving to do, notes to write, hook-up with a new twitter and facebook pages and make sure all my followers and those I follow know where I move to, who I am and how to find me.  Who is JaaBee, that is me Jeanne!  I was nicknamed JaaBee in highschool and it provides a great moniker for me.  It is actually JB but many others wanted that name too, so I improvised to this. 
This blog will be devoted to product reviews, advertising and hopefully lots of giveaways and interesting discussions. I am excited about this endeavor and am anxious to get the game on!
I love to blog about anything and everything and with all the bad media we are exposed to, I will do my best to keep this blog free of the news, fun with my blogs and hopefully your comments.  You will see buttons to link to "Blog Hops",  companies I believe in and their products, informative reviews that are honest and factual. 
Come along for the ride and keep your eyes sharp for surprises along the way

You are at Country Living with JaaBee   I hope you find my blog fun, entertaining, informative and interesting.A place you will want to visit everyday. It will be slow at first but hopefully very soon it will be chock full of things.  If you have an interest in something that you would like me to research and talk about, let me know.