Monday, May 16, 2011

Being Struck By The DA on Monday Is Not Funny or is it?

I have spent over 2 hours trying to remember how to do something that is as simple as walking on my feet, but for the love of Pete, it is not in my brain to remember.  I have def. been struck by "The DA" today.  Being as it is Monday, makes it only worse in my opinion.  Irregardless of my age #, that is a factor that I refuse to consider as being the reason, I think my brain is in overload.  I need to get into Yoga or something to make myself be able to ignore people and/or things that stress me, tic me off, rub on my nerves like a piece of sandpaper or in general just piss me off. 
When I get out of bed, I am generally in a very good mood, just don't talk to me for like 30 minutes.  I just want to breathe and reflect on sleeping a bit longer. Don't ask me what "my plan is for the day" (my hubs does it every morning even knowing that it irritated me 28 years ago when he married me and still does to this day).  Grrrrrrrrr!!!  But I love him and try not to get to bent over it.  But it is all the outward stress that gets on my last nerve and makes me feel like a monkey without a tree.
So I have a plan and will let you know how it works out. And until then, will someone/anyone remind me how to post a link to my blog to someone's blog hop, yep that is the culprit that has stressed me out of my gourd! Believe me, I ain't stupid, I just forgot okay.  And send the tow truck to pull me up off the floor because I am ROTFL@myself and can't get up~~~  Ciao  Jeanne